Thursday, June 17, 2010

Final E.O.C.

When I first started this class, I didn’t exactly know what to expect from it. Sure, I’ve heard stories from previous students but that was mainly hear-say and just going based on someone else’s opinion(s). I was anticipating it to most likely just be comprised of how to just make sales through the online media. At the end of the quarter, I find that it really was more than that, by far. The class greatly gave us a very good understanding of what marketing online was really about and what the best methods of it were. Before, I thought that marketing online was mainly just posting an image online with a price-tag and waiting for the money to roll in for you. Now, I find that it really, greatly gets more involved than that. We learned how and what the best methods of getting your users more involved in what you were presenting to them online and how to really make a name for yourself that would keep them coming back to what you were presenting to them. The required text for the class was a really great read as well and greatly gave us a better understanding of it all as well. The thing that made it so great is that it was comprised of writings from several different people within the field and what they found to be the most important to share with those that would read it. Along with all of that, this class really gave me a better understanding of what and how to make what was going to be online for this field I am entering. This class really gave me a lot and I will be sure to keep it all in mind with what I do after I finish this Degree.

Given all of that, it makes sense to give ourselves our own evaluations regarding what we did for the class. I was sure that I was always in class and that I always did the work that was assigned to us. I kept up with the E.O.C.’s and did the in-class assignments. I could have done a little better for the projects done outside of class but in the long run, I do believe that I deserve a B+, if not an A-. That is what I feel I should obtain after everything I did this quarter for the class.

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