Thursday, June 17, 2010

Final E.O.C.

When I first started this class, I didn’t exactly know what to expect from it. Sure, I’ve heard stories from previous students but that was mainly hear-say and just going based on someone else’s opinion(s). I was anticipating it to most likely just be comprised of how to just make sales through the online media. At the end of the quarter, I find that it really was more than that, by far. The class greatly gave us a very good understanding of what marketing online was really about and what the best methods of it were. Before, I thought that marketing online was mainly just posting an image online with a price-tag and waiting for the money to roll in for you. Now, I find that it really, greatly gets more involved than that. We learned how and what the best methods of getting your users more involved in what you were presenting to them online and how to really make a name for yourself that would keep them coming back to what you were presenting to them. The required text for the class was a really great read as well and greatly gave us a better understanding of it all as well. The thing that made it so great is that it was comprised of writings from several different people within the field and what they found to be the most important to share with those that would read it. Along with all of that, this class really gave me a better understanding of what and how to make what was going to be online for this field I am entering. This class really gave me a lot and I will be sure to keep it all in mind with what I do after I finish this Degree.

Given all of that, it makes sense to give ourselves our own evaluations regarding what we did for the class. I was sure that I was always in class and that I always did the work that was assigned to us. I kept up with the E.O.C.’s and did the in-class assignments. I could have done a little better for the projects done outside of class but in the long run, I do believe that I deserve a B+, if not an A-. That is what I feel I should obtain after everything I did this quarter for the class.

Links to Final Projects

Here are the links to the sites that are related to what we did in class throughout the quarter:



Vegas Film Craqze

Dark Comedies

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Week 09 E.O.C.

Here's what I was thinking of using for a Despicable Me campaign.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Week 09 E.O.C. Jimmy D. Brown Mastering E-Mail Marketing

“Everything about what you are going to do online is directly related to your list. And everything you do online should, in some way, work toward building and perfecting your list.” (p. 192). This really seems to be a great, and powerful, message to keep in mind while you go about creating, maintaining, and keeping an online business to make things easier and work in your favor. To succeed, I can see that all of us should considering making lists to keep a clean record of our target market. The more we do online as far as marketing goes seems like it would greatly help us with building and perfecting our lists. We would collect the essential information that would be needed to build an overall database of the people we are marketing to which, in the long run, would make it much easier for us to be able to pick out the proper people to market to depending on the projects and know who would be the most likely to respond to our efforts. It clearly would take a great amount of time but nothing really comes all that easy and in a snap when you’re trying to build the proper database to make your marketing plans. You really do have to take the time to really get to know and understand who you are marketing to and build that relationship that would really work out to favor of both parties involved. So be sure that everything you do online has some relation to your lists to make your job a more, hassle-free one.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Week 08 E.O.C. Chris Murch eBay-The World’s Online Marketplace

“There is no magic formula for selling on eBay. Successful selling on eBay requires the combination of a proven track record (high feedback ratings from the eBay community); superior, professional listings that stand out from the competition; along with trial and error.” (p. 141). This passage seems to go on and inform us what really needs to be known when it comes to selling goods on eBay; it all greatly deals with how you are, not what you sell. Sure, you can sell the great thing that would appear to be a must-have for everyone but if you tend to demonstrate and offer poor service with rather low ratings in regards to you, you are not likely to run a successful market through eBay. Making it so that you really stand out from others on eBay that are offering/selling the same products as you is a very good way to go about it and would really show who you can be. If everyone else has a page that just seems “thrown” together at the last minute but has no appeal, along with low feedback ratings, the chances seem rather high that they really don’t have that much to offer and that it just might not be the best. Being sure that you make the effort to stand out and making yourself look really professional with top quality products should really make you a respected seller on eBay. This is how I am viewing this passage and how I see eBay should really be done in today’s society. So do your best to make it seem like you are running a business and not like you were just bored and want to make some money fast.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Week 08 E.O.C. John Paul Mendocha Speed Selling on the Internet

“You can have the greatest products in the world, the most advanced ideas, the highest quality Internet experience, the best customer service, but without sales, it all goes to waste.” (p. 124). This seems to state what really needs to be paid the most attention to with the greatest amount of detail when it comes to marketing yourself and what you sale online with today’s community. It clearly states and demonstrates that even though you may, or can, have all of those assets at your disposals to show off just who you are or can be with the online community to really get your name out there to be known with all they may find you, you’re really not doing that much for yourself if you’re not making any sales. It would seem more like you’re just trying to show off and blow up your ego if your just doing all of that without making any sales or connecting with your viewers to establish a relationship with them that would drive them back to your site and really gives them something in return. All of those things can be established in the long run and/or during the process but being able to make your sales online is what would really make you successful within the online community. Don’t just think about it in terms of being like a used-car salesmen and try to find what would give you the powerful edge to be able to connect with your viewers and make your sales. That is what I am really getting from this brief passage of this chapter.